“The MacGyver of Handymen”
  • Fix it - I will fix what seems impossible.
  • Create it - I will create something out of nothing.
  • Move it - I will move one sofa or an entire house.
  • Organize it - Isn’t it time to put the cars back where they belong?
  • Haul it - I will take away “the Junk” you thought you will use one day.



Kevin Milne - owner
P.O. Box 90654
Raleigh, NC 27675
My work is high quality and guaranteed. I am punctual and I maintain a professional image at all times. Although my degree is in a different field, this is what I love to do and it shows in my work. If you are in need of a service not listed, please ask and be assured that no job is too small.

**Fully Insured**
For a free estimate and references please call:

e-mail: ifixuplay@yahoo.com


  • Hanging drapes, mirrors, and art work
  • Place furniture for room design
  • Move furniture -one room or full house
  • Removing/delivering furniture
  • Installing wallpaper/repair
  • Install light fixtures/ceiling fans
  • Painting
  • Installing cabinets/ shelves
  • Furniture repair/assembly of kit furniture
  • Carpentry


  • Organize garage
  • Haul debris/junk
  • Pressure wash
  • Replace boards/stain decks and fences
  • Hauling Debris
  • Tree cutting
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